Opera offers unprecedented scalability and storage to developers, and a swift, streamlined experience for users.

What is Opera?

Innovation unleashed.

Opera is the name of Fantom’s smart contract platform and uses innovative blockchain technology to scale the network to unprecedented heights.


Opera achieves beyond 2,000 transactions per second.


Opera offers one-second finality, ensuring instant irreversible transactions.


Opera employs flat storage and live pruning to offer efficient data storage.

Transactions per second


Time to finality

0.923 s

Average block time

0.41 s

Gas per second


Archive disk size per 100M txs

161.9 Gb

Archive disk size per 100M txs

161.9 Gb

Quorum / validators

circle Of Circles


Average gas per transaction


Validator disk size per 100M txs

60.4 Gb


Opera tech stack

Virtual Machine

Opera's virtual machine offers superior execution performance compared to the EVM by processing over 65x more transactions per second.

It converts EVM bytecode seamlessly into a new virtual machine format and supports super instructions, optimized bundles of commonly occurring instruction patterns, to reduce execution time.

Consensus mechanism

Opera's consensus mechanism uses asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance in combination with directed acyclic graphs to achieve fast and secure consensus.

Database storage

Opera's database storage uses flat storage as opposed to tree-like structures to simplify data retrieval and offer low storage requirements.

It supports live pruning, which allows validators to discard historical data that is no longer needed while remaining online to prevent operational disruptions.