A high-performance smart contract platform

Fantom pushes the frontiers of blockchain technology to empower developer partners with innovative tools and consumers with seamless, efficient transactions. We provide blazingly fast, scalable, cost-efficient infrastructure to more than 200 innovative app partners.

Time to finality


Active dApps


Average transaction cost


Daily transactions

148, 692


Accessible to everyone.

Magic for developers.

Near-instant transactions

Execute transactions in one second for an unrivaled Web3 user experience.

Do more with less

Frictionless experience with gas fees of pennies per transaction or even less.

Built to scale

Fantom is a decentralized, global blockchain spread across 60+ countries.

Environmentally friendly

Fantom consumes less electricity than a US household and a fraction of the power of other leading blockchains.

EVM compatible

Easy porting from Ethereum and other EVM chains.

Fully permissionless

Anyone can participate as a validator or delegator and transact on the network.

Open source

Anyone can view, use, and contribute to the development of the network.

On-chain governance

Validators and delegators participate in decision making by voting on proposals for the network's development.

Fantom puts security first.

Proof of stake

Our proof-of-stake validation process ensures safety against Sybil attacks.

Powered by aBFT consensus

Up to

of network power can fail without affecting the network.

Node security

With leaderless consensus, no single validator node plays a special role, guarding against faulty nodes.

Transaction finality

In a single confirmation, the transactions are finalized and irreversible.

Forks and chain reorgs are not possible.

Green by design

Bitcoin consumes 70 million times more electricity for every transaction than Fantom.

Currently, the Fantom network consumes 0.00003 kWh per transaction - or 10,061 kWh per year - less than the average total yearly electricity consumption of a single US home.

Ready to get started?

Explore the Fantom ecosystem

Whether you're interested in DeFi, NFTs, gaming, tooling, or data, there's a dApp built for you.

Wallet and staking

To earn FTM, participate in the running of the network by staking through the Fantom Wallet.

Fantom validator nodes

Earn rewards for securing the network by running a Fantom validator node with technical know-how and staked tokens.