Decentralizing finance together

DeFi provides global access to financial services, powered and secured by blockchain technology.

What is DeFi?

Financial freedom

DeFi is the next evolution in finance and provides superior benefits compared to traditional systems.



DeFi is powered by decentralized, transparent code and grants users full ownership over their assets.



Secured by cryptography, DeFi reduces the risks of human error and centralized server breaches.



With smart contracts, developers are free to create complex financial products to match any requirement.

Financially inclusive

Financially inclusive

Unlike the stock market, DeFi remains operational 24/7 and provides global access to financial services, even for those without banking access.

Tamper proof

Tamper proof

By virtue of being decentralized, DeFi is unaffected by the limitations imposed by governments worldwide and ensures user assets remain free from intrusions.

DeFi on Fantom

What makes us different

Hundreds of DeFi applications call Fantom home for a reason. We provide deep collaboration with innovative developers to democratize access to financial services worldwide.

High throughput

Every day, Fantom handles millions of transactions while remaining stable.

Low costs

Transactions on Fantom cost under $0.01 and finalize within a second.


Fantom provides access to funding with grants and Gas Monetization.

A thriving ecosystem

Explore the DeFi applications defining the future of finance on Fantom.


Developer tools

Build on Fantom

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