The nervous system for smart cities
Smart city
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Our Values

Fantom is a distributed ledger technology stack. At its foundation, it is a DAG-based distributed ledger incorporating new methods of scalability, combined with a high-performance virtual machine and safe, secure smart contract execution.

The nervous system for Smart Cities

Smart Cities
Public Utilities
Smart Living

Smart Cities

FANTOM DAG platform is uniquely positioned to become the IT infrastructure backbone for smart cities. With the ability to collect large quantity high speed data transmission with scalable solutions across multiple smart city service providers.

By 2020 it is estimated that smart cities will have 90 Billion IoT devices sending data that needs to be stored securely whilst also being accessible to stakeholders for smart city data-driven smart contracts and Dapplication

Public Utilities

Public utilities include renewable energies, electricity, water, gas, telecommunications and waste management.

The future market for public utilities is set to be a two-way system made up of billions of interacting endpoints, IoT devices and APIs, that will enable consumers to have direct access and more control over their personal utility management as well enable the service providers and smart cities government to better manage these resources and smart city growth with data-driven information.

Smart Living

Smart living is focused on improving the quality of people's lives through the connectivity, transparency and management of information within our homes, cities, neighbourhoods and offices.

The interoperability and engagement with multiple IoT incorporated products and service providers will greatly improve the quantity of data collected and the innovative smart contracts and Dapplications that will enable better control and management of resources and home-life quality.


Working with service providers, relevant government bodies and stakeholders for the implementation and management of a secure, immutable electronic health record (EHR) system. This will enable a concise and comprehensive summary of the patient’s most recent health history across all select health practitioners and controlled by the patient directly.

Healthcare benefits can be significantly improved, for example, patient care via pre-scheduled visits based on a set of pre-defined eligibility requirements (age, previous medical history, medications, etc.) with smart contract automated payments and insurance claims.


Empower students, education providers, governments and education-service businesses through combination of on-campus IoT device collection, online inputs from students, administrative back-office inputs along with educational resources.

For example, this can enable ensuring that student identities and credentials are universally recognized and verifiable globally, improve student management, enrollment processes, student payments and even creating learning marketplaces for Dapp development and resource sharing.

Traffic Management

Working with relevant gov’t bodies and service providers to deliver improved traffic management will greatly reduce time wasted in traffic where congestion costs billions of dollars and directly impacts health and stress of commuters.

Smart contract and Dapp enabled traffic management will permit better public transport scheduling, smart-contract enabled payments, road maintenance and repairs can be automated through sensor reporting and improve public parking and overall public safety.

Resource Management

Improve management of smart city resources - economic, human and environmental, to deliver improved services for their residents with minimal wastage or damage to resources.

This could include managing urban planning to cater for population growth and diversity, urban development, development approvals and budgeting for housing, transport, education, healthcare, public utilities and commerce.

Environmental Sustainability

As the IT infrastructure backbone securing and providing access to immutable data across multiple industry sectors, will enable better management decisions that have immediate and long term impacts on the local environmental sustainability.

There are multiple sustainability related applications such as creating natural resource commodity markets like carbon offsets, logging and fishing, or even organic food.

There are multiple sustainability related applications such as creating natural resource commodity markets like carbon offsets, logging and fishing, or even organic food.


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