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Blockchain games are the next evolution in gaming, and Fantom is the platform on which that future is taking place.

Why create blockchain games?

Gaming on blockchain

Blockchain games offer unique advantages over traditional games.

Digital ownership

Enable your players to truly own and trade their game assets, currencies, and more.

Next-level economics

Let game currencies transcend your game, enabling universal economic activities.


Leverage assets from different games and projects into your own work freely.

Fantom solves blockchain game challenges


Fantom ensures smooth gameplay by processing transactions within a second.

High throughput

Fantom maintains low, stable costs while handling millions of daily transactions.


Fantom provides access to funding with grants and Gas Monetization to finance games.

Ultra-fast finality


Low transaction fees


Planet friendly


Greenify your game
The entire Fantom network consumes less electricity than the average US household.

Comparing Fantom's energy footprint to other traditional systems...

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“Instant finality, while being decentralized, is the perfect combination for gaming”

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