Greener future, one block at a time.

To offer a greener future for the next generations, we must build our digital layer on sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure, just like Fantom.

Footprint-free platform.

Planet-friendly transactions.

Fantom is committed to offering long-term sustainability with its eco-friendly technology. The entire network uses less energy per year than an average US household.

Daily energy consumption



Monthly energy consumption



Yearly energy consumption



*The energy consumption figures provided above are estimates for the Fantom network.

Harnessing green tech

Build a flourishing future with Fantom's energy-efficient blockchain

Join other passionate developers on Fantom in their mission to build innovative decentralized applications that put our planet first.

Powering the Fantom blockchain for a day is equivalent to...

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Comparing Fantom's energy footprint to other traditional systems...

Fantom consumes 0.000024 kW per transaction...

Let's not even talk about BTC 👀

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