A thriving ecosystem

Hundreds of DeFi, NFT, and GameFi dApps call Fantom home. With a strong focus on partnerships and collaboration, we push the frontiers of blockchain technology.

Experience the difference

Unlock access to a wealth of dApps with instant, cheap transactions by bridging to Fantom.

*Employ bridges at your own risk; no liability assumed, learn more
Low costs, fast speed

Transactions cost less than $0.01 on average, finalizing within a second.

Truly decentralized

Access Fantom from anywhere in the world, with no restrictions.

Staking rewards

Earn rewards by locking your FTM tokens to secure Fantom.

Opera is our smart contract platform and offers unprecedented scalability and storage to developers, and a swift, streamlined experience for users.

The network achieves ~2,000 transactions per second with ~1-second finality.

Comparing Fantom's energy footprint to other traditional systems...

High-performance blockchain solution

Fantom's asynchronous transaction confirmation ensures fast finality and enables the network to achieve significant scalability without deploying additional blockchain infrastructure, such as layer 2s.

Time to finality


Average transaction cost


Active dApps


Quick and secure

Build dApps that rival the speed of Web2 applications, but with interoperability and autonomy.

Instant finality

Provide your users a smooth and rapid experience with transactions that finalize in under one second.

Gas Monetization

Earn 15% of the gas fees your dApp generates as passive, sustainable income.


Receive funding from our grant programs that we announce periodically.

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