Meet Our Team

Ahn Byung Ik

Dr. Ahn is the CEO of Fantom Foundation. He holds a Ph.D in computer science from Yonsei University and has been awarded the President Award for his successful IT business. Ahn is a contributing writer at Fortune Magazine, and has been featured in South Korea’s major business media outlets. In 2010, Dr. Ahn established a successful food-tech platform SikSin, which has since acquired over 3.5 million downloads and 22 million monthly page views. He is the president of the Korea Foodtech Association that consists of 90 companies as its members.

Jake Choi

Jake Choi has been involved in the cryptocurrency space for over three years as an investor, trader, advisor and entrepreneur. Previously, he worked as Vice President of Sales at digi.cash, a digital currency platform, where he established their cryptocurrency brokerage and vaulting business, facilitating trades up to US$5million worth of cryptocurrencies. He led the Digital Currency Group at CMCRC working on network growth models, ICO valuation models and model portfolios. He holds a degree in Finance and Quantitative Analytics from the University of Sydney.

Michael Kong

Michael Kong is a smart contract developer who has been involved in the blockchain space for several years. He previously worked as the Chief Technology Officer at Block8, a venture capital-backed Blockchain incubator where he managed all of the business’s projects. He studied Finance and Information Technology at the University of Sydney and built one of the first Ethereum decompilers and smart contract vulnerability detectors.

Seung Mun Lee

Seung Mun Lee is the Chief Financial Officer of Fantom. He has more than two decade’s of experience in the filed of finance, especially in equity fund management. He worked as a equity fund manager and analyst in Shinhan BNP Paribas, UBS-Hana and Midas Asset Management. He managed national pension fund and public officials pension and private school pensions over 10 years. He is currently heading Fantom’s management of funds in Korea, utilizing his comprehensive background in fund management. He led JAMED PEF, a leading private equity fund prior to join Fantom.

Sung Yun

Sung Yun is the Chief Business Officer of Fantom. He has served as the auditor for several businesses, including NATURAL FNP, a health, fitness, and medical enterprise, and TCM  Bioscience Inc. He also served as CEO of FoodnTable, a specialized business dedicated to food service. His MBA in Finance in Korea’s top university as well as experience of working in two of the biggest banks in Korea, Hana Financial Group and Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) add up to his professional competence in developing business in Fantom.

Bob Tucker

Bob Tucker has over 25 years of experience managing businesses for Barclays Capital, Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Man Investments and ANZ Bank. He’s been directly involved in a number of early stage ventures, from start-up phase through to IPO.

Fred Pucci
Legal Counsel

A foray as FX trader, a 10 year stint as derivatives/securitization lawyer. Partner of leading firm, member of Law Council of Australia financial services committee. Head of legal + policy (markets) at regulator, head of legal (trading) at the exchange, head of compliance (markets) at the bank. Chair of Conduct Risk Forum, Co-chair of OTC Derivatives Project including data capture, reporting and monitoring. Social scientist and economist interested in on-chain governance, balanced regulation and communities.

Jung Taek Lee
Business Development

He has a diverse experience on various fields. He managed international sales for 2 different companies: Ourhome / Intake. He also incorporated and operated Zambia branch of Sehan Afriq and increased the market shares to 40 percent in six months. Previously working as the Operations Director, he worked closely with the Fantom team throughout the ICO process.

Gyumin Kim
Marketing Manager

Gyumin (Zeal), the current Marketing Manager of Fantom Foundation, is managing community development and contents creation. He has a hybrid career of PR consulting /event managing/education business, the value of which is proven in the media response team of Presidential Secretary’s Office dealing with critical issues such as MV Sewol, and as an External Consultant of a global media PR company de-regulating Korean government on intellectual property guidelines. He studied International Studies at Yonsei University.

Yongwon Seo
Communications Manager

Yongwon (Jason) graduated from NanKai University in China with concentrated studies in Chinese. He has experience from various industries from interpreting and translation, Aerospace, Military and Defense to content development.

Michael Chen
Public Relations Manager

Michael Chen is a public relations- and marketing strategist with extensive experience in working with several high profile ICO’s. With almost 2 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space as an investor, Michael has done due dilligence on 400+ ICO’s before joining the Fantom Foundation.

Joon Woo Lee
Head Designer

Joonwoo is a Head Designer of Fantom. Joonwoo participated in multiple ICOs and blockchain projects before joining Fantom. He was a former CEO of travel platform ‘Oh My Oppa’. Joonwoo started his career as an art director of major ad agencies like GREY worldwide, HS Ad(former LG Ad), Cheil Communications, etc. In these agencies Joonwoo won international ad awards such as Clio Awards, New York Festival, Addy Awards, including nation’s biggest awards “Korean Advertising Awards” Grand-prix.

Eun Young Choi

Eunyoung is a designer at Fantom, and supports Fantom’s team for design-related works. She has various work experiences as a Fashion MD, a photo assistant, and as an editorial designer. She majored in Japanese and is now pursuing a BA in visual design.

Jee Young Yoon

Jeeyoung is a manager at Fantom. She supports CFO, and she is in charge of Fantom’s properties. She was working in EasyRental Inc. as a management support team member for more than 4 years. She has achieved ERP Information technology qualification certificate, and FAT first degree and computer accounting certificate.


Steve Bellotti
Executive Advisor

Steve Bellotti has an extensive track record in building and running large, complex Global Markets and Loans businesses. He has worked in leadership roles in financial markets for over 30 years across all major asset classes – managing fixed income (including rates, credit and derivatives), foreign exchange, cash equities and derivatives, debt and equity capital markets, including both sales and trading at the Managing Director level for over 22 years. Steve’s most recent role was MD – Global Markets & Institutional Loans, ANZ Bank (managing over AUD$300b in assets). He also has a deep knowledge of real estate and private equity investing.

Matthew Hur
Executive Advisor

Matthew Hur is the Head of Global Business at Fantom Foundation. Matthew has experience in various industries and is currently the CEO of Smartpay Korea. Smartpay Korea is a Joint Venture between Korean financial professionals and China Smartpay Group Holdings Ltd. China Smartpay Group Holdings possess the leading smart POS technology and systems. He also served as an Advisor to the CEO of Soribada Music Company (KOSDAQ 053110).

Andre Cronje
Technical Advisor

Andre Cronje was the Chief Crypto Code Reviewer in CryptoBriefing before he joined Fantom. With 20 years of development experience, he had been a Technology Analyst in a Hong Kong investment firm Leminiscap, Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer at CryptoCurve, Blockchain Protocol Advisor at BitDiem and technical developer/manager at various other projects. He oversaw mobile developments and mobile security before entering into cryptocurrency industry.

Ashton Hettiarachi
Technical Advisor

Ashton has over 10 years experience in business, the financial markets, and emerging technologies. He is the CEO at Blockchain Partners Holdings— a cryptocurrency investment and research firm located in Australia. Since 2016, Blockchain Partners has collected over billions of data points in cryptocurrency markets and have invested in 30+ successful ICOs. He was also responsible for building one of the largest e-commerce stores in the Middle East serving over 12,000 customers and shipping 50,000+ products.

Alex Kampa
Technical Advisor

Alex has been involved in blockchain projects since early 2015, with a focus on blockchain architecture, consensus models and smart contracts. He is the founder of Sikoba, which is building a decentralised peer-to-peer IOU platform. As a researcher in monetary theory, he has worked on the credit conversion theory. Alex also has extensive experience in financial software development.

Guillaume Drevon

Guillaume Drevon is the Chief Technology Officer of Sikoba Research. He is focusing on applying secure computation and zero knowledge proofs to blockchain projects. Guillaume is an experienced software engineering manager, having led development teams in a wide range of technologies, from windows kernel to mobile applications and in various industries such as video games, satellite and transportation. He studied at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and holds a MAS in pure mathematics.

Eddy Travia

Eddy Travia is a venture builder and accelerator, pioneer investor in blockchain, co-founder and CEO of London-quoted Coinsilium (NEX:COIN), Blockchain Space, and startup incubator Seedcoin. He was in the top 3 ‘Most Influential Investors of the Year’ at Blockchain Awards 2014. He managed private equity funds in China and emerging markets from 2004 to 2013.

Ran Neu Ner

Ran Neu-Ner is the current host of “Crypto Trader,” a CNBC Africa TV show most viewed on CNBC. He was ranked 9th in the 18th week of 100 Most Influential Blockchain People list by Richtopia. He is the founder of OnChain Capital investing in bitcoin, founded the Creative Counsel which he sold for just over $150 million, and won various words such as “The Ultimate Entrepreneur Award” at the World Entrepreneur Awards in 2016.

Francisco Jo

Francisco Jo is a Founding Partner at BlockWater Capital, as well as a Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Coinhills. He had been an advisor at Arianee, Investre Network, Plactal, Legolas Exchange, KickICO, Crypto20, Clout, and many other successful cryptocurrency projects. He is a member of Israeli Blockchain Association and a data analyst specialist.

Issac Lee

Issac Lee is the Managing Partner at BlockWater Capital, a leading digital asset investment firm that locates and assembles great minds across the globe. He has extensive expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, advised projects such as LiveEdu and Bitindia, and served as chief operating officer for a digital asset consulting company KRTG.

Hak Kyoon Kim

Kim Hak Kyoon is the CEO at Quantum Equity Partners Korea Inc/ Quantum Ventures Korea Inc. He has served as the CEO at Central Investment Partners, a general manager and board member of Hanwha Investment Corp. and Intervest, and investment team leader of LG Venture Investment (LB Investment).

Min Sik Jo

Jo Min Sik is a board member of Kakao Corp, Pharma Research Products Corp. as well as an auditor of KOVRA, Korea VR AR Association. He is a startup accelerator, a major investor in the accelerator fund “MashupAngels.” He served as the general manager in Samjong KPMG Financial Advisory Service, and had been a healthcare business consultant.

Hyeong Joo Kim

Kim Hyeong Joo is a former congressman in South Korea and former deputy mayor of Seoul. He is currently the president of Korea Blockchain Association, an association of 80 members of blockchain developer corporations and KOSDAQ-listed enterprises such as Samsung Electronics, LG CNS, Kakao, and KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency).

Sang Min Lee

SangMin Lee graduated from Seoul National University majored Business management, and is a certified public accountant. He has been a Associate in Kyobo Securities and has also been a manger in Samil PwC. He is now currently working in POSBANK as a Chief Financial Officer.

Steve Kim

Steve Kim graduated MBA in KAIST. Participated class and studied in multiple top academies like Columbia Business School, KAIST, Seoul National University, and INSEAD. He started his career in IBM Korea, and Australia. Through Schneider Electric, he achieved 4th Revolution Club for CEO by IGM and now he is a CEO of Danfoss Korea, a Denmark’s global leader company in Energy industry.

Research and Developers

Yo Seob Han

Yo Seob is an Associate Professor for the Department of Computer Science at Yonsei University, one of South Korea’s top 3 universities. He is a Computer Science Theoretician and has been with the Theory of Computation Lab at Yonsei University for the past 9 years.

Sang Min Choi

Sang Min is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Yonsei University, one of South Korea’s top 3 universities. Sang Min specializes in Blockchain research and development as well as research and development of the DAG Consensus Algorithm.

Ji Ho Park

Ji Ho received his Ph.D from Yonsei University, one of South Korea’s top 3 universities. Ji Ho specializes in DAG Consensus Algorithm Design at the Algorithm Design Department of Computer Science at Yonsei University. He is one of the key developers at FANTOM.

Ki Young Jang

Ki Young is a Ph.D candidate at Yonsei University, one of South Korea’s top 3 universities. Ki Young specializes in Blockchain and DAG Consensus Algorithm as well as AI. He is one of the key developers at FANTOM.

Hyun Joon Cheon
Ph.D Candidate

Hyun Joon is a Ph.D candidate at Yonsei University, one of South Korea’s top 3 universities. Hyun Joon is a specialist in Automata Theory, Consensus Algorithm and Theory of Computation. His deep interest led him to the study and development of blockchain technology.

Quan Nguyen

Quan Hoang Nguyen has rich experience in R&D. He has worked as a post-doc researcher at the University of Sydney and has undertaken Software Engineering roles at IBM, Capital Markets CRC and Smarts – Nasdaq OMX. His experience and research interests include Graph Visualization, Web Development, Cloud Computing, Compiler Optimization and Transactional Memory.

Chan Yeul Jo

Chan Yeul has over 17 years of experience working as a software developer specializing in JAVA, PHP, Node.js and react.js. He has experience developing on RDB systems like ORACLE and MySQL.

Sang Ha Yang

Sang Ha has over 12 years of experience working as a software developer who specializes in JAVA, JSP and CMS. He has experience using CMS and MEM solutions for broadcast solutions. Sang Ha is focused on FoodTech related projects that will realise FANTOM’s technology in the near future.

Eun Jeong Lee

Eun Jeong has over 20 years of experience working as a software developer specializing in Navigation, Geospatial Information System, LBS, geoIOT, geoDSS solutions.

Sung Hwan Kim

Sung Hwan has over 20 years of experience working as a software developer having started his career specializing in Location/Geospatial/Positioning Information System at Samsung SDS in 1998.

Im Chung Choi

Im Chung has over 11 years of experience as a software developer. He is a full-stack developer who specializes in Geospatial Information System, Java and C#.


Samuel is a PhD candidate and engineer, with a focus on distributed systems, compilers, epidemiology, biomedical engineering, and ERP. He runs Offscale.io, a high performance software consultancy firm.

Maxim Zakharov

Maxim Zakharov has over 25 years of experience working as a Software Developer in a broad range of industries. His professional interests include Back-end systems and algorithm optimisation. He is a member of the Offscale.io team.

Rishab Sharma

Rishab has experience developing a securitisation platform and digital asset exchange using Ethereum based blockchains. He is a Mechatronics Engineering graduate from the University of Sydney, who has developed real-time computer vision, graphics and robotics applications where performance is critical. He is a member of the Offscale.io team.

Agustin Chiappe

Agustin Chiappe Berrini has over 10 years of experience developing software. He specializes in distributed applications and data engineering, using Scala, Rust, Golang and Python and is a fan of compilers, virtual machines and emulating old cpus. He is a member of the Offscale.io team.

Legal Advisors