Fantom Global Expansion

Fantom Australia Launch

We are incredibly excited to share the news of our expansion to Australia. Fantom, in collaboration with NEM Blockchain, will unveil our technology to Australia with another launch event to be held in Melbourne.

Australia has been chosen as the first destination in its expansion outside of South Korea due to their strong acceptance of new technology and innovative culture that is underpinned by a supportive government. Fantom is committed to working with local communities, businesses, enterprises and government to define, build and deploy Fantom technology across a multitude of industries. In the next 12 months, we are focusing on creating real time use and adoption of our platform by on-boarding Australian businesses to build upon and utilise the Fantom distributed ledger.

To ensure successful expansion to Australia we will be hosting Fantom Meetups across the country in key cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to build the community, support developers and give industry an opportunity to understand our platform and its benefits. This also means we are on the lookout for people like you to be part of our Global Ambassador Program and help us educate and support the Fantom community in Australia and globally. Last but not least, we are keen to share that Fantom has already been working behind the scenes to engage with payment providers in Australia to utilise the Fantom token as it is rolled out globally. Australia has well over 200 merchants who accept cryptocurrency, including the first airport in the world to accept crypto payments. It is the perfect place to utilise our technology.

We are looking forward to sharing the continued growth of Fantom with you all!


Fantom Global Ambassador Program Inquiries
Michael Chen
[email protected]

Media & Press
Ashton Hettiarachi
[email protected]


Business & Enterprise Inquiries
Our focus is to enable and support individuals and businesses working in industries such as financial services, internet of things (IoT), logistics, retail and telecommunications to build upon and utilise the Fantom Platform. Most importantly, if you are interested in discussing how Fantom Technology might benefit your business get in touch here: [email protected].